Add length to your lashes
When it comes to eyelashes, size really does matter. Long lashes accentuate the eyes and make them appear even larger—a proven sign of youth and femininity.

Want to add length to your flutter without looking too dramatic? Go with a set of false eyelashes, cut it into smaller pieces instead of using a whole set. Or use long, individual false eyelashes for a wispy, romantic look.

“Try an end-piece of lash for a bit of length at the end of the eye,” says MAC senior artist John Stapelton. “To make them yourself, take a full lash strip and cut it in half. Place the lash on the outer corner of your eye, making sure it goes from shortest to longest [as you move toward the outer eye], and then curl your lashes to maximize your mascara.”

Add thickness to your lashes
Worried your lashes are too thin? Don’t fret—there are plenty of ways to fake it.

To add fullness, a great thickening mascara can works wonders. MAC senior artist John Stapelton suggests using one that has fibers in it, which add lift and fullness to sparse lashes, and use multiple coats to achieve the effect you want.

Still want more fullness? Fill in sparse areas with a few individual false eyelashes—it’s like a push-up bra for your lashes.

Mascara tips
Mascara is a girl’s best friend, but like anything, there are secrets to applying it like a pro. Chunky tarantula lashes aren’t so sexy, so you don’t want to overdo it.

Curl your lashes first to open up the eye, and then apply your mascara in sections rather than one big sweep. “Brush inner lashes toward the nose, the middle section straight up, and the outer section out toward the hairline,” says MAC senior artist John Stapelton.

This will create a voluminous, fanned-out look and also prevent clumps.

In our dreams, we leave the house fabulously put-together every day. In reality, we’re lucky if we remember to put mascara on both eyes. If you have only a minute for makeup before you run out the door, try one of these quick makeup tips that make a big difference.

Makeup Tip for a One-Minute Pop of Color

Do you have time to apply blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow? Yeah, we don’t either. An all over color stick quickly perks up multiple features, though. “For a spot of color that takes no time at all, I love the Multiple from Nars,” says Romy Soleimani, beauty director at large for “You can apply this creamy product onto your cheeks, eyelids, and even lips to add a pretty shimmer in just seconds.”

Makeup Tip for One-Minute Lashes

Mascara is one of the most transformative items in any makeup bag, but sometimes you just don’t have time to wiggle the wand, de-clump, and wait for it to dry. “To open up your eyes without spending time applying mascara, an eyelash curler is a must,” says Soleimani. Curled lashes frame and define eyes and have an effect similar to mascara, but you don’t have to worry about smudges when you’re in a hurry.

Makeup Tip for One-Minute Eyes

“The eyes are a dead giveaway that you didn’t have time in the morning—or enough sleep,” says Jason Hoffman, global director of artistry and education for Cargo Cosmetics. If this sounds like you, focus your time on your eyes to ensure you look awake and rested. “Apply concealer to the eyelids and undereye to conceal redness and dark circles, then set with a touch of translucent powder. Follow with a coat of mascara and you’re on your way.

Makeup Tip for One-Minute Bronzer

When in doubt, use a bronzing powder for a quick, healthy flush. “Bronzer and a fan brush are my staples on the go,” says New York City-based makeup artist Kimara Ahnert. “I use my fan brush to contour my cheekbones, hairline, and side of nose, and a sweep over the crease of my eyes for warmth and definition.”

Makeup Tip for a One-Minute Flawless Face

A stick concealer can quickly hide what you don’t want to see and leave you with a flawless face. “Swipe a concealer on any dark circles or blemishes, red areas (like the outside corners of nostrils), and inner corners of the eyes, then dab with your finger to blend,” says Soleimani. “Your face will look flawless in a pinch.”

Makeup Tip for One-Minute Lips

Between lip liner, lip gloss, lipstick, and lip balm, there are about a million options facing you every morning. Pick a product that combines all of the above, like a moisturizing lip-gloss crayon, and you can swipe on some quick color—no mirror required.

Makeup Tip for a One-Minute Tan

A lot of women feel like they can wear less makeup when they have a tan. Luckily, there are tons of fabulous products that let you swipe one on in seconds. Your best bet is a self-tanning towelette (many have added skin care benefits, like exfoliating glycolic acid) or a tinted facial self-tanner that gradually develops over the course of the day.